Product Details

StorONE’s Single Storage Engine delivers a complete portfolio of storage solutions that offer Rock-Solid Resiliency, High Performance and High Capacity at the lowest possible cost. It is storage consolidation done right. StorONE supports all storage media, simultaneously across any storage protocol (SAN/NAS/Object), in any data center location/cloud, with unmatched data resiliency. StorONE completely rewrote the storage software stack from end to end to deliver a modern storage engine able to drive a portfolio of powerful solutions.

  • Recover from Ransomware in minutes
  • Efficient 1.5PB in 5U 1m IOPS in 2U
  • Half the cost of competing solutions
  • HDD RAID rebuilds in hours not weeks
  • Zero time spent on storage refresh or migration

Join the storage revolution. Move to StorONE.

Product Info

  • Company: StorONE, USA
  • Location: Global
  • Clients: Hundreds Globally
  • Technology: ONE Storage Engine
  • Product Type: Data Storage