Product Details

Validsoft's Voice Biometric Intelligence offers a cutting-edge solution for verifying user identities in online transactions and workforce access. By harnessing the power of voice authentication, we provide a seamless and secure way to ensure that the right individuals gain access to the services they need.

  • We can work with any voice, any dialect, and with very small utterances (as little as 0.5 sec).
  • Our VoiceID engine processes audio utterances to extract certain features (characteristics that are speaker specific) fed in a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to create a speaker embedding (compact representation which re-enforces the speaker-specific information) called a voice print.
  • During authentication, a person’s voice is pattern matched with their voice print, the value of which indicates a pass or fail.
  • We have artificial voice detection (Deepfake) and anti-spoofing (Replay attack) detection modules.
  • We own our intellectual property 100% including 16 patents granted.

Product Info

  • Company: Validsoft, USA
  • Location: Global
  • Clients: Hundreds Globally
  • Technology: Ai. Deepfakes.
  • Product Type: Voice Biometric